Vernon Greys & 6th Indiana





 Rep. Randy Frey Picnic

Mike & Connie pose. 

Connie enjoys a conversation. 


Veteran's Day Programs  

Mike, Terry, and Marvin  pose outside Sand Creek Elementary 

Mike, Terry, and Marvin serve with the VFW Honor Guard at SCE. 

Dennis Ferguson  leads the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2021 Color Guard and Vernon Militia in a salute during the Veterans Day ceremony at the Hillcrest Cemetery Veterans Memorial. In back from left are Mike Corya, Willie Steele, Dave Stock, Harold Campbell, Mike Ochs, Terry Furgason and Marvin Sweet.           (photo NV Plain Dealer)


The JCHS Color Guard and Seth Jones prepare for their parts in the program at Hayden Elementary.

Mike and Terry sit with  VFW Post  2021 and veterans  to enjoy the Hayden Elementary  program. 


Capt. Lisa Hiles Memorial - Anderson (IN)

Mike swaps stories with the 7th IN guys. 

Terry & Mike brace the cold before the memorial begins.

Caisson with Capt. Hiles remains and the Honor Guard 

Rider-less horse for Capt. Hiles follows the procession. (Jim Terry)

Terry presents arms as procession passes. (Jim Terry ) 

Mike presents arms. (Scott Hiles) 

7th IN fires volleys of salute. (Scott Hiles) 

 Veterans fold flag for the memorial service. 


JCHS Demonstration 

Justin and Terry talk to Ms. Evans's US History class.

 Justin and Terry talk to Mr. Hartwell's US History class.


Thiebaud House - Vevay (IN)

Greys camp at the Thiebaud House. 

Justin and Terry pose in camp. 


Terry and Justin fire a round for the noon hour. 

What  a Union soldier carried and used display.


A demonstration of an 1860s wedding is performed.

Mike and Justin show reverence during wedding. 


Fall Celebration Elutherian College - Lancaster (IN)

Justin and Rick await the onslaught of visitors. 

Sheila sits at her table for her Genealogy and Jen. Co. Library. 


Terry, Rick, and Justin prepare to fire a noon volley. 

The Greys fire a volley to mark the noon hour. 


Fall of Atlanta Commemoration - Madison (IN)

 Soldiers catch up with each other before presentation.

 The audience begins to arrive.


While 7th IN artillery loads, soldiers prepare to fire.

Group shot of soldiers involved.


Seymour (IN) VJ Day Parade

Mike talks with 7th IN before parade. 

Greys flag hangs on back of cannon trailer. 


And then the rains began. 

Rain-drenched Civil War soldiers ride in parade.


Living History at Friendship (IN)

 Greys fly & Union on left side of camp.

Nelson's Artillery & Confederates on right side of camp. 


Rick waits for the curious visitors. 

Terry and Rick pose next to the fly. 


Battle at Tunnel Mill - Charlestown (IN)

CW camp at Tunnel Mill (Terry's tent on left). 

Justin serves as sentry on the road. 


 Terry with other Union soldiers try to protect the John Work house. 

Terry & Justin rest in shade. 


Terry,  Justin, & Bill prepare to take the field.
Union forces at the start of Saturday battle. 


The Kentucky Home Guard Band entertains. 
Bill & Terry with Union forces Sunday. 


Vernon (IN) Cemetery Memorial Day

 Terry, Marvin, Rick, Justin, & Mike try to stay cool.

 Greys fall in behind VFW honor guard.


 Greys behind veteran honor guard. 

 Distinguished honorees at ceremony.


Hanover (IN) 1st UMC

 Terry with Rev. Bob Cannon

 Terry prepares to read the letter from Pres. Lincoln to Mrs. Bixby


Spring Mill - Mitchell (IN)

Spring Mill with encampments. 
Terry and Justin drill with Union troops. 


Union troops stack arms before taking the field. (Julian Smith) 

 Bill and Mike skirmish the Rebs.


Justin, Terry, & Mike help form  a last stand. 
Mike battles a Reb hiding with the crowd. 


 Versailles (IN) Tyson Library

 Literature display in front of the tent and 'what they carried" beside.

 Jim Terry and Ernie Holt talk to visitors.


 Terry explains the 1st Sgt chevrons to visitor Bob Cannon. (Tyson staff)

 Terry poses with a pair of youngsters.


 Terry's "what they carried" display.

 Terry with Jim Terry and Ernie Holt of Nelson's Artillery. (Tyson staff)


Sassafras Tea Festival and Civil War Living History - Vernon (IN)

 Greys camp using Historical Society tent.

 Nancy, Jan, Connie, Mike, & Robert (L-R) talk with visitors.


 Mike with Underground Railroad trap door in John Roche Law Office. 

Jan and Robert listen to Mike on the Underground Railroad Tour.


Second company of Union soldiers take on the Rebs. (Connie Ochs)

Post-battle comments by the Union commanders.


Mike, Connie & Jan share a joke at Blue/Gray Ball. (Connie Martin)

Terry & Jan join Linda & Dan Wright at Blue/Gray Ball. (Connie Martin)


 Jan and Connie watch the skillet toss. (Bill Ludwig)

Mike & Terry follow 2nd Company with Justin.  (Bill Ludwig)


  Mike & Terry stop a Reb sneak attack through brush. (Bill Ludwig)

 Cantiniere Jan aids a "wounded" soldier.  (Bill Ludwig)


Carol, Jan, & Connie take a moment after the Skillet Toss. (Connie Ochs)

Spouses pose after the battle. (Connie Ochs)


Battle of Ft. Donelson (TN)

Part of the Confederate camp (some in winter quarters). 

A section of the Union camp before the battle begins. 


 Union troops begin the 1st assault on the Confederate fortifications. Gen. Grant and staff are at the rear. (Clarksville, TN Leaf Chronicle)

 Union troops re-form a second charge at the Rebels' position. Gen. Grant and staff follow the action. (Clarksville, TN Leaf Chronicle)


General Grant (Curt Fields) and his staff  survey the action in front of them on the battlefield. 

Terry , Roger Tenney (General Smith), Curt Fields (General Grant), Michael Trapossa (Col. Rawlins) and Greg Wernke  pose.




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