Vernon Greys & 6th Indiana




9th Regiment (Jennings) Indiana Legion 


Biographical Record of Bartholomew and Jackson Counties, Indiana - 1904

Colonel Kennedy Brown - 9th Regiment (Jennings)

Reddington Cemetery - Jackson County, IN 



Company A - Vernon Greys 

Captain Solon B. Cowell

 Paola Cemetery - Paola (Miami County), Kansas


James Green Buchanan

Freedom Baptist Cemetery


Thomas J. Patrick

Ebenezer Methodist Cemetery


Sgt. George W. Gasaway

Bunnell Cemetery (Frankfort, IN)


Cpl. Charles F. Saupe

Vernon Cemetery


Sgt. Nicholas Ditlinger
Vernon Cemetery 
Sgt. Abraham Doll

Vernon Cemetery

James Feagler

Summerfield Cemetery
1st Sgt. James Westover

Vernon Cemetery



Hallet S. Bolser 

Vernon Cemetery


Other 9th Regiment Companies 

Lewis Wagner

Vernon Cemetery


E. H. Dole

Hillcrest Cemetery


Capt. J. T. Spaulding 

Joshua H. Shepherd








6th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry


Colonel Thomas Crittenden

Arlington National Cemetery - Arlinton, VA


Colonel Philemon Baldwin

Springdale Cemetery - Madison, Jefferson County, IN


Colonel Hagerman Tripp

Hillcrest Cemetery - North Vernon


Company B (Jennings County)

Robert  Burge

Bland Cemetery
W. B. Patterson

Ebenezer Methodist Cemetery 

 David Higgins

Oak Hill Cemetery - Chautauqua, KS

William Rose

Hillcrest Cemetery 



1st Sgt. Jonathan Hinshaw 

Highland Cemetery, Brooklyn, MI

Cpl. George Monroe 

 William Jolly 



Sgt. Mjr. Caleb Whitmore and Cpl. Oliver S. Whitmore

Forest Hill Cemetery, Milan

Pvt. Harrison Elzea

Summerfield Cemetery 


 Unless otherwise noted, the cemeteries are located in Jennings County, Indiana.


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