Vernon Greys & 6th Indiana




If you desire to not just learn history but to live it, we want you to join us!


The membership is open to men and women regardless of race, creed, religion, or national origin. All females who are portraying soldiers, however, must attempt to hide their gender. 


Young adults between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age will require a Parental Consent form to participate in events and to carry or fire a black powder firearm. (See forms below.)

Fill out the membership application form and contact one of the people below for more information.



Terry Furgason


Mike Ochs





Important Forms 


Vernon Greys membership.pdf Vernon Greys membership.pdf
Size : 422.069 Kb
Type : pdf
vernon greys minor medical consent.pdf vernon greys minor medical consent.pdf
Size : 407.632 Kb
Type : pdf
Parental Consent Form.pdf Parental Consent Form.pdf
Size : 411.129 Kb
Type : pdf
Vernon Greys Militia by-laws.pdf Vernon Greys Militia by-laws.pdf
Size : 0.06 Kb
Type : pdf




Vernon Greys Militia is a non-profit organization.

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