Vernon Greys & 6th Indiana




 US Flag  from Jennings County Veteran Services

 Jennings County veterans present Greys 34 star flag.

Wes Furgason shows off Boy Scout flag-folding skills.

Mike Eastman, Veteran Services Director, talks to  Mike Ochs, Tom Rice, Sam Jones, Ray Jones, and Steve Harding after ceremony.

 Steve Harding, Chuck Paul, Terry Furgason and Wes Furgason listen to the veterans.

Sassafras Tea Festival 

 Mike and Terry prepare the tent for camp behind the Victorian house at Sassafras Tea Festival.

 Ray Jones, Sam Jones, Steve Harding, Tom Rice,  Mike, Terry, & Marvin Sweet pose for a picture.

Ray, Sam,  Terry,  &  Mike (2nd, 3rd, 5th, & 8th from R) with the 11th Indiana at Vernon.

Vernon Greys join the 11th Indiana (left) and 49th Indiana (right) for the battle on Saturday.

Jan and Terry Furgason pose for the camera behind the Historical Society in Vernon.

Sam, Ray, Steve, Terry, Tom, and Mike (not pictured) escort the Lincolns in the parade through Vernon.

Pat Rice and Chris Asher enjoy the Blue/Gray Ball.

 Connie Ochs relaxes on a blanket and watches the battle.

Terry (center) and Mike (right) fall in with 35th Indiana during Sunday battle.

Terry, Mike, and the 35th IN join the 11th IN during  Sunday battle at Muscatatuck Park.

Jennings County High School Demonstration 

 Terry explains the CW rifle to US History class.

 Terry demonstrates eating utensils used by soldiers.

 Hartford City Civil War Days

Mike & Terry stack arms with the 49th IN. 

The 49th prepares to drill before battle. 

 Madison Lanier Days

  Mike Ochs (Center) with the 4th IN Cavalry.

 Terry & Mike pose before the battle.



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