Vernon Greys & 6th Indiana




Purchasing equipment and clothing is the most important step anyone will take as a member.  A prospective member should never act on impulse. Before buying anything, he/she should consult with a current member on what to buy.

The following items are recommended but not necessary to participate as homeguard.

If members wish to participate with other units at other events as the 6th Indiana, however, they may want to buy the basic uniform and the basic equipment to blend in with the units.


GROUP 1 - The Basic Uniform
* Civil War Period Shoes (Brogans) or Boots
* Grey Militia Jacket (Greys) or Four Button Blue Sack Coat (6th IN)
* Grey Militia Trousers (Greys) or Sky Blue Wool Trousers (6th IN)
* Canvas Suspenders
* Period Shirt
* Blue Kepi or Period-Style Hat  

GROUP 2 - The Basic Equipment
* Leathers (Cartridge/Cap Boxes, Belts & Buckles)
* Haversack
* Canteen
* Musket (Three-band 1853 Enfield or 1861 Springfield preferred)
* Bayonet and Scabbard

GROUP 3 - Optional Items
* Winter Greatcoat
* Underdrawers
* Knapsack
* Tent
* Wool Blanket
* Gum Blanket (Rubberized Ground Cloth) or Poncho
* Eating Utensils (Knife, Fork, Spoon, Plate, Cup)




Printable Casey's Manual of Arms Booklet
2ColCaseyRifleManual1863BookletODDS.pdf 2ColCaseyRifleManual1863BookletODDS.pdf
Size : 417.116 Kb
Type : pdf
2ColCaseyRifleManual1863BookletEVENS.pdf 2ColCaseyRifleManual1863BookletEVENS.pdf
Size : 464.455 Kb
Type : pdf
2ColCaseyRifleManual1863Regular.pdf 2ColCaseyRifleManual1863Regular.pdf
Size : 851.521 Kb
Type : pdf

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