Vernon Greys & 6th Indiana





 Sassafras Tea Festival & Living History


 Nancy Apsley relaxes in the Greys camp during Sassafras Days 2011

 Rick Apsley & Terry Furgason (2nd & 3rd from R) join the 11th IN


 Mike Ochs takes his Henry rifle into action with the 4th IN Cavalry

 Apsley, Furgason & the 11th form up a front on the battlefield.


 Jan Furgason comes to the battlefield for her fallen husband Terry as Grey's Chaplain  Rev. Marvin Sweet offers comfort.

 Jan, portraying Jane Vawter, and Mike, portraying Capt. Draper, read from published 1861 Vernon Banner speeches.


 Kim and Marvin Sweet with grandson Bentley before the Ball.

 Connie and Mike pose with granddaughters Madison and Alexis


 Nancy and Rick (wearing his frock coat and Hardee hat)  after the wedding & before the Blue-Gray Ball

 Jan and Terry (wearing his 149th PA Bucktail uniform) also  pose between the wedding and Ball


 Jan and Connie show off their dresses on Sunday morning.

 Rick, Mike, Terry, Nancy, and Connie decide what to do next.


  Terry shows Connie the papers used to sign-up enlistees.

 Jan demonstrates the skillet toss before the battle Saturday.


 Terry, Rick, and Mike (2nd, 3rd, 4th from R) & 11th ready for another battle.


Rick relaxes near his the display of the history of Jennings County militia. 

The Union boys overrun the Confederate lines before accepting the Rebel surrender

Tom Rice poses with his book Legacy of Honor, which he signed during Sassafras Days. (Photos - Bryce Mayer- Plain Dealer & Sun)


 Rising Sun

Union camp (Greys tent fifth from left) Luke, Ed Noel (32nd IN) &  Ed's grandson Tucker discuss the set-up.

Terry Furgason, Mike Ochs, and Major Jeff Stein (32nd IN) discuss Saturday's battle. (Sunday canceled by storms.)


Mike, Tim Todd (7th KY) and Ed demonstrate and explain Civil War's weapons and camping. 

Mike and Ed revive the duel as Alan Weiss attempts to moderate  action after Tucker takes a "hit" from the stray firing.


Ed, Terry, Alan, Mike, Bob Jacobson (4th IN), Tucker, and Tim  listen as a descendant reads over the new Civil War gravestone. 

The group fires three volleys to salute the fallen veteran and his descendants as Tim Todd (7th KY) prepares to play "Taps." 

 Conner Prairie

Mike Ochs and TerryFurgason pose in camp before battle. 

Mike (L) joins dismounted cavalry as skirmishers. 


Mike enters the battlefield with other skirmishers. 

The crowd gathers for the coming battle. 


The Union soldiers maneuver on the battlefield. 

Justin Posey pulls guard duty after the battle.

 Memorial Day Ceremony Vernon Cemetery

Cecil Copley opens the Memorial Day ceremonies. 

Barb King of the NV Plain Dealer with MUTC  attendee.


Vernon Greys present arms with the veterans honor guard. 

Rick tells the group about a gravesite for 9th IN Legion soldier. 


Lewis Wagner of Company D, 9th IN Legion in the Vernon Cemetery. 

 Tom Rice, Terry Furgason, Mike Ochs, Tim Monaghan, Justin Posey, and  Rick Apsley  fire a salute for Wagner

 Barb King interviews the Greys after the salute.

 Charlestown Civil War Days

 Rick Apsley (L)  & Gerald McGee (6th IN)  walk the grounds

 Rick (R) &  Nancy pose with friends.

 Madison Lanier Days

Union and Confederate reenactors  camp on the South Lawn at Madison's Lanier Mansion.

 Rick Apsley, Gerald McGee, Justin Posey, Terry Furgason & Mike Ochs pose in front of Greys tents.


Justin (R) and Rick (2nd R) prepare for battle with 6th IN.

 Mike (L) readies with the 4th IN Cavalry.


Justin (L) and Rick (2nd L) and the infantry advance on the left side of the battlefield.

 Mike (2nd L) and the 4th IN cavalry advance on the right toward the Confederate troops.


 The infantry and cavalry join forces.

 Union and Confederate forces talk to the crowd.

 Battle of Corydon (photos from Justin Posey)

Justin Posey (framed by flowers) and the Militia forces march to face John Hunt Morgan's men 

Militia men form a battleline to  face Morgan's men in the streets of downtown Corydon 


Militia men march to the second battle at the Battlefield Park. 

Union soldiers and civilians form a line to repel Morgan. 

  Jennings County High School Demonstration 

 Hanover student teacher Jordan Stout (44th Tennessee) & Terry Furgason pose after a demonstration to a history class.

Stout and Furgason do another  demonstaration for a history class with Furgason displaying 23rd Pennsylvania uniform.

  Salem Old Settlers' Days (photos by  Christine Byrne) 

Mike Ochs (3rd L) and Terry Furgason (4th L) join 11th IN and skit of Morgan's Raid on Salem. 

Ochs and Furgason and the 11th are captured soldiers during the festivities of Old Settlers' Days. 

  Hartford City Civil War Days

Union forces drill prior to Saturday  battle 

Confederates also drill before morning battle.

Mike Ochs (center) eats breakfast  by the Greys' tent  and the 11th IN encampment on Saturday morning.

Greys and Union soldiers prepare for battle.  (photo Christine Byrne)

Terry Furgason, Rick Apsley, and Mike pose  in front of tent after the battle.

Near the sutler tents, Mike and Rick take break on the stage before going to supper. 



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