Vernon Greys & 6th Indiana





 Lincoln's Gettysburg Address - St. Paul's, Jeffersonville

Mike, Terry, and Bill  in camp at  St. Paul's.  (Courier-Journal) 

 Bruce Loveall (7th MI) trades stories with Bill.

Mike talks about the display of weapons and currency. 

Connie Morris (7th MI) divulges some recipes with Connie & Jan. 


Veteran's Day Hillcrest Cemetery 

 Marvin, Mike, & Terry (wearing Bucktail for great-grandfather of 149th PA, Co. I) talk to vets. 

The Greys fall in with the vets to fire a salute on a beautiful fall day at Hillcrest Cemetery.. 


Seymour Central Christian Church 150th

Connie, Mike, & Jan wait for the service to begin. 

Rick and Nancy answer questions before the luncheon. 

Connie & Mike talk with church members. 

Jan, Terry, Connie, Mike, Nancy, & Rick pose after the service. 


Scipio Fire Department

Jay cuts buffalo "duct tape." 

Chuck displays a collection of guns and other frontier gear. 

Rick, Jay, and Mike talk to visitors about the displays. 

Jay,  Rick,  Mike, and Terry form a timeline of Vernon Militia. 

GFWC - Wednesday Research Club @The White Front (photos by Barb King)


Mike leads the pledge. 

Connie discusses the fan & parasol. 

Connie & Mike talk about the Grey's history. 



Thiebaud House Living History, Vevay

Thiebaud House - Switzerland County Historical Society

 Greys set-up camp near Thiebaud House.

As she cuts apples for cobbler, Jan answers cooking questions. 

Rick shares a joke while educating about the Legion. 

Rick, Bob, and Terry discuss firing a salute. 

Jan, Terry, Bob, and Rick pause for a photo. 

Terry answers questions from attendees. 

Mike & Terry pose with flag. 


 JCHS Color Guard 

Terry, Rick, and Mike follow the JCHS Color Guard. 

The presentation of flags during National Anthem. 

The Greys after the presentation of colors. 

The JCHS Color Guard. 


JCHS US History Classes

Terry explains the rifle used during the Civil War 

Terry talks about the 9th Indiana Legion. 

 Terry answers a question about the different uniforms. 

Terry begins to demonstrate what soldiers carried.



Eleutherian College Living History

Historical marker for Eleutherian College. (photo Jim Terry)


Terry & Eric talk with 7th IN Artillery. (photo Jim Terry)


Eric and Terry wait for visitors. 

Eric wows the crowd with his hammer dulcimer music. 


 VJ Day Parade - Seymour

Terry & Mike join Nelson Artillery/7th IN's entry. 

Mike & Terry smile for the camera. 


 Versailles Tyson Library Living History

Jeff Stein (32nd IN) explains a musket.

Nelson's Artillery in camp with a cannon on display. 

Jeff poses with interested visitors. 

Jeff, Terry & Alan Weiss (32nd IN) represent the Union story. 


Vernon Ladies' Tea at the Shaws' historic Smith Vawter home

 Eric performs period music for the Tea.

The Greys relax and converse as Eric plays.


Rick expounds on the Vernon reaction to Morgan's Raid.


Connie and Jan explain The Language of the Parasol.


Ladies enjoy the day with tea and desserts.


 Rick, Nancy, Jan, Terry, Eric, Sue, Mike, & Connie.


 Morgan's Trail with Historic Hoosier Hills 

 Rick, Mike, & Terry talk about Vernon during Morgan's Raid.

A group shot of participants of the Morgan's Trail tour. 


 Corydon 150th (photos by Wilhite Photography)

Bill Keller (R) fires on the Raiders. 

Union forces begin to fall back with  Bill (C). 


 Lanier Mansion Civil War Days

Union troops participate in the wreathe-laying ceremony. 

Pres. Lincoln (David Wolfe) uses an audience volunteer. 

Union troops form a line of battle. 

Union troops engage the Rebel forces.

 Union & Confederate soldiers fall in line to make a presentation to the crowd after the battle.

Front row: Mike, Bruce Austin, Terry, Bill.  Back Row: Maj. Jeff Stein (32nd), Cooper, Bob, Jim Coon(4th Cav), Justin.

Justin, Terry, and Mike  join President Lincoln (David Wolfe).

Terry and Jan pose in front of the mansion.


 Memorial Day 

Greys listen as WWII veteran speaks at Vernon Cemetery. 

Greys (Marvin, Terry, & Mike) & veterans fire salute to soldiers. 

Mike and Terry fire salute over grave of Mike's great-grandfather at Tea Creek Cemetery. 

Grave of George Craig 52nd IN, Co. K (Mike's great-grandfather) at Tea Creek Cemetery.


 Conner Prairie Civil War Days

Jan purchases a bread box cooler for the Greys from a sutler as Mike and Connie watch. 
Connie, Jan, Terry, Justin, & Mike (counterclockwise) pose before going to battlefield on humid day. 
Union battalion forms to begin battle.
Third Company with the Greys opens a volley on Rebs. 
Union  forces advance on the Rebs, forcing a surrender. 
Union soldiers march off the field after battle. 


Vernon and Morgan's Raid 150th 

Camp set-up with Justin, Jim Coon (4th Cav), and Mike 

Eric Jarboe plays the hammer dulcimer at camp. 

Caleb Posey spreads the word of Morgan's Raid in the Vernon Banner. 

The first company of Union soldiers joined by the Greys prepares to enter the battlefield. 

 The first company opens fire on the Confederates.

Connie consoles a "wounded" Mike. 

Lanterns in hand, Jan and Terry lead a procession up the hill to the  Blue/Gray Ball. (photo North Vernon Plain Dealer)

Joe and Carol Draper (L) and Alexis Ochs (C in two-tone brown) dance to the Skipjack band.  (photo North Vernon Plain Dealer)

Mike and Jan give tours of the Underground Railroad through some houses and the courthouse in Vernon. 
Chris Asher gives Tom recognition for writing his Jennings County history books.
Mayor Dan Wright inducts Generals Umbarger and Tooley, Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, into the Vernon Militia. 
 Generals Umbarger and Tooley take time to pose with members of the Vernon Greys after the Sunday ceremonial induction.

 Jan and Connie organize the skillet toss before the battle with Capt. Mike Beck of the 11th IN as target.  

 Sunday Union forces divide into two companies to pinch and defeat the confederates. 


JCMS Presentation

Terry talks to the middle-schoolers about the Indiana Legion.

Janaye shows language of the fan (a warm presentation).

Jan, Janaye, and Connie display differing versions of a lady's attire during the Civil War period.

The ladies dress a student volunteer in period dress to demonstrate all the layers women coped with during the time.


Hope Civil War Days

Terry & Mike (far end) fall in with the 11th IN.

(photo by Julian Smith)

Capt. Beck (11th IN) helps Lt. Erny sign up new recruits.

(photo by Julian Smith)

Mike talks with Connie Martin as they walk through camp.

Mike & Terry pose in front of 11th IN flags.


Historic Hoosier Hills Project Presentation 

The Greys have a table set up with handouts and gear. 

Jan talks to members of Historic Hoosier Hills before dinner.

Mike and Connie discuss  with HHH members about many upcoming events for the Greys.  

Mike , Terry, Jan, and Connie talk to HHH about the Vernon Greys and our activities past, present, and future.



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